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Welcome to the Veneficus Ex Wiki

Here you will be able to find all our rules, and resources needed to get you started in Veneficus Ex

Normal Raids

We love to do raids, even normal ones, and as we progress further into a raid tier, we even allow alts, socials and PvP'ers to join us in normal Have a close look to see how you can join in on the fun. Normal Raids

Heroic Raids

Heroic Raids is where we put all our effort when a new raid releases, this is where we venture in with our core raid team! If you want to be a part of the fun, you must first go through a trail period. Read up more about the trail period, and our requiremets. Heroic Raids

Guild rules

As in any guild we have a set of rules we would like you all to follow, so we all can have a pleasent experience playing togther. It mostly sums up to don't be an asshole, but in general we do expect all ourt members to know theese rules. Guild rules

EPGP & Loot

We all want “phat lewt” but the bosses only drops so many pieces. Here is the guildelines for when you will be able to grab that next epic! EPGP & Loot


You might like them you might not play with any, but in VEX we play with at least a few, if not you wont be seeing much loot. Also did you know that VEX is so very gifted that we actually have a few addon developers ourselves, that's right, both Aeggy and Lovesick knows how to create these magical things, that can enhance your WoW experience. Addons


In VEX we havea total of 10 ranks, all with their own purpose, And we like your all equally, well mabye not the “nob” …Don't be a nob! Ranks

I want to reroll

They see me rollin' they hatin'… Well there is just something about that song. Ofcourse you're allowed to reroll, any time you like, but hold on, if you want to keep you spot in the raiding team, there might be a fe things you need to pay attention to first! Change main character

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