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EPGP the way we handle loot

Veneficus Ex uses EPGP (which stands for Effort Points Gear Points) to distribute loot in our Heroic raids. You earn EP by raiding and killing bosses and you earn GP when you win loot in the raids. The EPGP system works by a simple equation: EP/GP = PR, or simply put Effort put in divided by Won loot equals Priority for loot. It's very similar to DKP, basically the more you raid the more loot you'll be able to get. The difference here is that costs of items are constant, no one can get an item cheap and no one can spend several months worth of DKP on one item. All in all, it's designed to be more fair than DKP.

To be able to win any loot you have to download and install the addon EPGP Lootmaster. Once installed you'll get a popup window during loot distribution that lets you pick Mainspec or Offspec for all eligible loot. It requires no setting up, default settings are fine. It's also highly recommended (but not mandatory) to install the regular EPGP addon. This will allow you to view EPGP and PR values live in-game with the /epgp command.

Earning EP

5000 EP per heroic boss kill 20000 EP per first ever heroic boss kill 1000 EP per 15min in a heroic raid Raid leaders can give out extra EP at their will to award extra effort during a raid Half EP is earned in normal mode

Earning GP

You earn GP per loot that you win. The GP you earn is calculated specifically for your class/spec and the item slot. Go to EPGPWeb to learn more about it.

Once you've won an item you cannot remove the GP you've earned. Please think about your looting options beforehand and get the items you know you need.

Priority and prices

You can choose the following when bidding for an item:

  • High - 100% EP cost
  • Low - 25% EP cost
  • Offspec - free
  • Gamble* - 500 EP
  • Transmog - free

You can only gamble on tier pieces, and you are only allowed to gamble on the item, if you already have the piece.

You're not allowed to roll on items that aren't part of your armor specialisation. Examples: No leather for Hunters, no leather for Warriors, no mail for Paladins, no cloth for Moonkins, no agility rings for warriors, etc.

If a BOE item drops in a guild raid, it will first be offered for EP in the raid. If noone wants it, it will go to the guild bank.

Decay & Resets

EP/GP decays by 7% before every raid. The reason for this is to avoid EP hoarding and to ensure that the most current team is always prioritized. You shouldn't be able to leave for a few months, come back for one evening and win all the loot. Also, since the GP decays as well (at a slightly faster rate than EP) you'll see your PR ticking back up after winning that piece of loot.

When a new raiding tier opens up we will reset GP values and decay EP values by 90%. This translates to that those with the most attendance in the last tier gets first in line for loot in the next tier, but after one or two items will be back on equal footing with everyone else. The goal is to reward long term attendance, while being fair to the current raiders.

Between expansions we do a clean sweep by resetting EP and GP completely.

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