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Veneficus Ex Guild rules


Short summary provided due to a lot of people being unable to read the text below in it's entirety. This does not mean we don't expect you to read the text below but instead means that if you don't understand at least these very basic rules then you have not even read this far.

Don't be an ass Don't pug current content raids if it means you won't show up to our raids Clearing current heroic content before the release of the next content patch is our main goal. All of the decisions we make regarding raiding are based on this goal. Use the calendar to accept/decline raids Be prepared for raids Don't slow down our raids for no good reason Loot is distributed using EPGP We use Discord for voice comm during our raids - link here


This is expected of you.

Treat every player in and outside the guild as you want to be treated and show respect. If you have a problem with another guild member please try to sort it out in whisper and not in guild chat. If you aren’t able to sort it out yourself contact an Officer. Talk in Guildchat should always be friendly. We don’t want any insults or unnecessary negativity. The chat is there for everyone to communicate and have fun. This does not mean that there won't be potentially rude jokes in the guild chat from time to time, as long as it's all in good fun, it's ok. We are a helpful guild, so it’s expected of you from time to time to help your guild mates out.

You may pug raids as long as it doesn't take away from your participation in guild raids. Since there are no raid lockouts for normal or heroic modes you cannot get locked out from the content we do and therefor are still able to help out. If you are unable to attend one of our raids and want to kill bosses in a pug to catch up on loot - that is fine, but please let the officers know so that they are aware when putting together groups.

Proven guild members/alts may pug as they wish - However you will not see guild raids on the calendar and are not eligible for backup EPGP.

Joining Vex

Everyone who wants to join the guild needs to make and application (done on application forum), exceptions can be made for family/friends of our current members who only want to join in on Proven (Social) rank. Once an application for membership has been made, officers and members of Veneficus Ex will take a look at the application and maybe bring up questions to the applicant. After all necessary questions have been answered the officer team will decide if it's going to be a yes or a no. The normal time factor from an application until the final choice is made is about a week.

After being accepted to the guild, you will be on an approximately 3 week long trial. After the time is up, the officers will decide if the trial member can stay or not. The trial member's behavior, performance, attendance and communication skills will be taken into account when deciding what happens when the trial runs out. During the trial period there will be communication between the officers and the trial member to see if the trial member fits in guild.

It’s encouraged that the trial member show his/her best behavior and of course follows the guild rules. Make sure to read the thread for new trialists.


Guild priorities regarding raiding

Clearing current heroic content before the release of the next content patch is our main goal. All of the decisions we make regarding raiding are based on this goal. We will do normal modes when it is beneficial for our progress in heroic mode, usually only in the beginning of a new tier. The guild is the priority not individual members. As a casual raiding guild we must be consistently defeating new content, this is what we offer people when we recruit and part of why they are with us. The raid leaders are ultimately responsible for decisions made. The raid leaders are responsible for guild progress. The raid leaders are responsible for team picks. The raid leaders will decide whether extending a raid lockout is beneficial. If there is any doubt as to what the best course of action is the guild the Guild Master or 2nd in Command will make the decision. Officers will make efforts to ensure a raids are on the calendar at the start of the reset or if there is no time/desire to do a certain difficulty, communication will be there to ensure it can be pugged.

Signing up

We use the in-game calendar to schedule raids. Everyone should either accept or decline these invites, avoid answering “tentative” if you can. If you can't be there at the start of the raid or can't be there all through the raid, but still want to attend, please send an in-game mail to or talk to the raid leader. Real life can come in the way of raiding and that is understandable, in that case please let us know through the forums or in-game mail.


The raid leader and raid assistants will handle invites based on sign-ups and what classes/roles/buffs the group needs for good progression. If you don’t get an invite even though you signed up you will be considered for next raid but still won’t be promised a spot. Please always sign-up, it makes it easier for everyone. We will take players that haven’t signed up if needed, but if you continuously fail to sign up we will begin to find a replacement player for your spot to guarantee the best raiding experience for the majority of our players.

Only guild approved raid leaders may organize guild raids for current content.

Before raids

Always make sure you are prepared for the raid. This means that you have…:

Repaired your gear, you have brought flasks, potions and food. It is a requirement to be using the best possible buffs during an entire raid. Missing buffs will result in missing out on EP and you will eventually be replaced in the raid. Time to stay until the end of the raid. If not, please let raid leaders know in advance when you need to leave so that they can plan the group accordingly. Read up on boss tactics. Fully enchanted gear. The best possible enchants are required for heroic gear. Fully gemmed all your gear. The best possible gems are required for heroic gear.

Please Note that failing to do the above things will lead to you not being able to roll for loot. We are not here to boost you through raids. We expect everyone to carry their own weight.

During raids

During the raid the raid leader is in charge! If you have any problems whisper the raid leader or raid assistant.

Keep talk over Discord to a minimum, don’t interfere during combat unless it is highly needed, like telling that you got DC etc. During boss encounters, the only ones speaking/writing should be the raid leader or/and assistants.

Speaking and writing should always be positive! We don’t want to see/hear any cursing or negative comments of any kind. Doing this will get you replaced as soon as possible. Continuing bad behavior will not get you a raid spot. If you have a problem with another player please whisper the raid leader/assistant and they will sort it out.

If you for some reason need to go AFK please whisper the raid leader and afterwards tell the other players in raid chat. Again going Ninja Afk will lead to the offender not being allowed to roll for loot.

If you need to leave the raid whisper the raid leader as soon as you know what time, so he/she can have a replacement ready. If you need to leave right away please tell the reason to the raid leader if possible.

We want smooth and fun raids for everyone to enjoy, so please follow these simple guild rules. If everyone works together - fully buffed, ready to go with a good knowledge of the encounter and access to Discord - there are more bosses downed and therefore more loot for everyone in the raid. Wasting the raid leaders time will never be seen in a good light.

No one should be posting damage meters, healing meters, etc. in the raid channel or in guild chat for the purpose of naming and shaming another player. Posting meters should only be done to constructively highlight something going wrong during the encounter.

No Neural Silencers in raids! The priests may play around with you sometimes, but drowning while AFK is not as bad as dying during an encounter because we couldn't rescue you from a hazard. Feel free to use one when going AFK - just remember to cancel it when you get back.


Loot is distributed according to the rules specified here: EPGP & Loot

Therein you'll also find information on how to actually be able to roll on loot using our chosen addons. Please read it through and get the addons to ensure that our raids go as smoothly as possible.

Looting and alts

Alternate characters are allowed to raid at the sole decision of the raid leader on the night in question. If you are allowed to raid with an alt please do not expect to raid full time on an alt unless you have confirmation from the officers that this would be in the best interests of the guild.

If an alt character comes to help you in a raid be aware that there is the possibility they may well be needed again and so are entitled to be geared up for guild progression. Maturity is encouraged however and people who “pass” gear to build good relationships are always going to be invited back to future raids.

If you have requested to take an alt and it was not needed there and your main character could have raided, the raid leader and loot master should prioritize main characters in the raid if there is a loot decision. Furthermore if you bring an alt you should actively be looking to pass loot in any situation that could cause someone else to be disappointed. Selfish use of alts will lead to you being noticed and then banned from using alts in the future for guild raiding.

If you chose to go on an alt, please be mature and realize others may need the loot more than you for the good of the guild. If you are in a raid that has an alt in it and you have any questions please speak to the raid leader at the beginning of the raid or at the point the alt character is introduced.

Ultimately the raid leaders decision is final.

Voice comms

All the voice comm server information you need to connect can be found in-game via: Social → Guild → Guild Information.

Guildies are always welcome to use Discord. We have different rooms in there and you will more than likely often find the officers there. So go chat! But please, be kind and use headphones for listening if you want to talk yourself. Those using speakers to listen cause lots of extra noise and echo chamber effects on discord that is terribly annoying to everyone.

Discord is maintained by the officers and it is supposed to be used for our benefit during our raids. There is no cost for upkeep of a Discord server, but we'd still rather not have groups of people joining who we don't recognise. Don't use it as a personal server.

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