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Guild Ranks

The Orion

The guild master rank, currently in the hands of Settings

Watcher & Watcher Alts

Officers of the guild and their alts, including the Guild Masters alts.

Currently the watcher team consists of:

  • Vizn
  • Silverdruid
  • Nostredame
  • Lovesick
  • Aybar
  • Aeglaeca


A few is chosen, in the absence of The Orion and the Watchers, assistants can invite alts to the guild.


Our core heroic+ raiders


As a newbie to the raid team, you will be put on tryout until the watchers ddecides if you get to be a raider, or if you're unfit for the Veneficus Ex raid team.


Friends and family of the guild and guildies. Almost anyone can become a social member, unless they're an asshole… We don't want assholes!


The rank of a true PVP member, you know arena and RBGs - Red is dead!


Alt rank for any member that aint watcher+


This is where you end up, if you do something stupid. This is a rank where you cannot even talk in guild chat, you usually end up here for a day or more, if you do something really stupid.. Like kicking people while being drunk… Right Vizn?

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